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Eating Alone vs Eating with Others

Eating alone makes me eat approximately 9 times faster and twice as much.  A regular 25 minute meal becomes 3 minutes and the portions double.  That’s a lot going on in a short 3 minutes.  How did my dinner become a race?  A race against the clock.  It’s like I’m playing the game of ‘Hungry

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Small steps

Not too long ago I posted about the concept of planned eating as part of Kessler’s Food Rehab.  My first baby step of planned eating was to eat at “scheduled” times.  Eat 3 meals a day at the 3 “normal” meal times.  Since my eating was always sporadic, I felt this would be a good

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Kessler’s “Food Rehab”

Recently I’ve read David Kessler’s “The end of overeating: Taking control of the insatiable American appetite.”  It talks about why most Americans eat the way we do, (he basically blames the food industry and chain restaurants) and then touches on combating that behavior. This book is full of information, studies and statistics.  (Personally, I thought

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