{Healthy Living}

I wouldn’t say I’m unhealthy.  But I also wouldn’t say I lead the healthiest lifestyle.  But I’d like to.  And I know that means making some changes involving exercise, nutrition, and food for thought.

{Current Problems}

I swear I have chronic fatigue, chronic migraines and semi-chronic stomachaches.

1.  Chronic Fatigue

The only moment I don’t feel at least a little bit tired is the time when I’m drinking a coffee.  Every moment after that, even the moments proceeding said finished coffee, I can say I feel at least a little tired.

Plus, if I ate a bagel for every time someone says to me “You look tired today,” I would be the happiest girl ever albeit constantly induced in a carb-coma.  Seriously, my colleagues say this to me ALL THE TIME!  And I always have to respond, “Yea, I am.” Though, all I really wanna say is “If I look tired, then I probably am, and chances are I don’t wan’t you speaking that or anything else to me.”  Anyway, I hope one day all the “you look tired”s will stop.

2.  Chronic Migraines

At least once, and sometimes twice a week I get this pain in my head.  More specifically behind my eyeballs.  It usually occurs on just one side and it feels like someone is taking a baseball bat and boring it into my brain.  It is mind-numbing and long lasting.  Sometimes they’ve lasted for up to 3 days.  It sucks.  And the suckiest part is that this headache doesn’t just affect me.  It affects other people too.  Like when I can’t enjoy time with friends because all I can do is lay in bed.  And I really cannot imagine how my boyfriend has not tired from hearing me say “I have a headache.”

3.  Semi-chronic Stomachaches

I guess my stomaches and nausea go along with my migraines.  But I also have other issues with bloating and digestion.  I recently have learned that I am allergic to shellfish so maybe I have some other food allergies too.  Not sure.  Basically, I just want to stop having to say, “My stomach hurts.”


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