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ESL & The Phonemic Alphabet

Today, while studying for my TEFL certificate, I grudgingly learned how to read this: Really?  WHY?! Advertisements

Aren’t you glad?

I’ve been recently studying to get a TEFL certificate.  I’ve realized 2 things. 1)  It’s amazing how little I actually know about the English language. 2)  How incredibly hard reading/pronouncing a non-phonetic language can be.  My case is below.  It’s a poem written by George Bernard Shaw.   I take it you already know of

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testing, testing… 123

Isn’t it kinda funny/strange how Korean teachers commonly use microphones for teaching class?  When I first saw my co-teacher show up to class with a mic in hand and a mini speaker strapped around her body, I laughed.  It is pretty comical looking. Today this is me.  With every syllable I speak, my throat burns

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In the ESL Classroom- What (I think) is Hot Now

After a few years of teaching at a public middle school, I’ve found that the best way to create a captivating class is to use the textbook material in a new, updated and relatable way.  The best ways I found to do this were through: A) Pictures-  More particularly gifs.  My students love gifs.  Of

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In the ESL Classroom- “Any volunteers?”

If you’re an ESL teacher at a public school, like me, then you’ve probably been in this situation. The textbook has dialogues that the students are supposed to practice speaking.  And we all know how much they hate speaking.  I’ve found, though, that they are much more willing to speak in unison as a class

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It Happens Every Year

Every. single. year. since living in Korea this has happened. Last minute month changes. In my previous bloglife I wrote about what changes occurred at work and what it would mean for my “plan.”  Well, now I can scratch that again. Up until 2 days ago, come May 8, I would be unemployed and returning

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