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Hey Korea- Where are the dog parks?

Having a dog in Korea sucks when you have a dog that likes to exercise and run around, you know… like most dogs do. Why does it suck? Because there’s no place to take your dog. Near my house are several “mini parks.”  They’re not really parks.  More like several stretches of grass with sidewalks

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TGIF and 36 days..

until my last day of school!  Then my 4 month vacation can begin! My vacation begins with a 5 week trip home.  And after a lot of consideration, I’ve decided not to take Nola with me for several reasons.  She’d have to endure being crated for at least 18 hours.  In cargo.  And Korean Air

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Like mother, like daughter

Nola loves her doughnuts.  And just like me, when I was young, her favorite is strawberry frosted with sprinkles. It’s been 16 hours and it’s still in tact, surprisingly.

A post for Nola Pt.1

I want to write about the 15-lb meatloaf that lives with me. But since I have a lot to say, I want to break it down into several posts.  Starting from the beginning. Last July I randomly had the idea of getting a dog. Well, not so randomly, as I’ve always thought “one day…” but

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