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Make-shift stuffed peppers

I’m always drooling over recipes I find on blogs for stuffed peppers.  But they always require ground turkey or ground chicken as one of the main ingredients.  Both of which aren’t available in Korea, so I’ve always just wiped my drool and figured it would have to wait until I’m State-side again. However, last night

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Miracle Noodles

When I last purchased from iHerb, I bought 2 packs of Miracle Noodles. Miracle Noodles are a brand of shirataki noodles.  They have 0 calories.  0 fat.  0 protein.  <1g soluble fiber.  No soy, no gluten and no wheat! Basically nothing.   So what is it exactly?  The noodles are from Japan and are made

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Crock Pot Wonder

Cooking for one, by yourself, everyday, every meal can get annoying.  So much work involved- shopping, chopping, cutting, boiling, sauteeing, cleaning, dish washing etc.  And when you’re only cooking for yourself (and a begging pup) sometimes the novelty of preparing a delicious meal goes to … take out. But I’ve been trying to cook more,

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