{My Body}

Plainly said- I’d like to have a better body.  Who doesn’t?  We’re all striving to be more fit and I’m just the same.  I know how blessed I am to have a fully-functioning body, so I feel awful for even starting to make complaints.  But, this is my blog and I said before I will be honest with myself.

Body image has been a thought of mine since at least the 6th grade.  I remember buying the video tapes of 10 minute Abs and 10 minute Buns.  And I remember how happy I was the day I bought my Ab Roller at the local Kmart.  I even remember it was on sale for $15.  Since then, I have gone through periods of times where I’ve had a positive body image and times when I have not.

Currently I want my body to change because I know it can if I treat it well.  This includes eating, exercise, health etc.  Mostly I just want to have less fat and more muscle.  Years ago I was so much stronger than I am now.  Now, all of my muscle has depleted and/or turned into fat.  I want to get rid of some of that fat without losing some curves.

And I won’t lie, I do have dreams where one day my thighs don’t touch.  I hate that feeling of bare, balmy thighs rubbing against each other on a humid summer day.

I want to finally feel comfortable in my body.  For good.


I know weight can be quite a weigh-ty issue.. so I will do my best to tread lightly while keeping honestly.  My weight has always fluctuated since the beginning of college.  Probably within the range of 10-15 lbs.  I know fluctuation is normal but I don’t want the range to be that high.

Just a couple months ago I was at my highest weight.  So, currently, I know I’d like to lose some.  I actually don’t have a set number of lbs I’d like to lose or a “goal weight.”  My goal is to find my “happy weight.”  I consider that to be a weight where I fit in all my clothes, and I feel comfortable, strong and thriving.  I imagine that if I follow my resolutions for healthy living, my weight will just find itself.


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