Well, generally speaking, I want to make my life better.

It’s not to say that I have a bad life, I just know and want it to be…. well, better.  I’m not not happy.  I just know I could be happier.

So this blog is an active “record” of the things I do so I can “better-fy” my life.

It is also about my life and random things as an expat living in Korea,  (I moved here in May 2009)  and my experiences teaching ESL at a middle school.

I hope it can be a way to share information about Korea, hold me accountable for my personal goals, and to allow for my small interest in writing.  My main personal goals and resolutions pertain to:

  • 1.  Eating
  • 2.  Health
  • 3.  Body & Weight
  • 4.  Career

I invite you to read more about these 4 things in the links following.  I will be honest about what I write. (which is scary for me, knowing I’m just putting everything out there for all my friends, family and strangers to read) Because without some honest ground, nothing actual and genuine can happen.

I’ll also most likely definitely blog about random happenings in my life.

Perhaps you have some similar goals or have interest about Korea.  I hope this blog will be fun, and helpful to me and maybe you!  I’d love to hear from you.


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