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Korean Food Pt. 2

Tonight I had a really delicious and colorful dinner.  It’s nutritious and just a tad spicy.  It’s bori bap. (보리밥) This dish is similar to another favorite of mine, bibimbap.  The difference is in the rice.  Bori bap has a slightly fatter grain and it is more sticky than regular white rice.  The concept of

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Korean Food Pt. I

I thought I’d start a mini-series of posts dedicated to Korean food specifically.  Because when I’m not cooking, Korean food is what’s usually going in my belly. Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to eat with my boyfriend and his mother.  We went to a Korean “fusion” restaurant.  I suppose it’s called fusion because the

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Body Worlds; Body Boring

Yesterday I went to see the current exhibition of Body Worlds being shown in Seoul, at the War Memorial Museum.  I had read a few reviews about the exhibition, all of which were great things, so my expectations were high.  Well, I should’ve kept them low. After paying $15 to enter, I started my next

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