Small steps

Not too long ago I posted about the concept of planned eating as part of Kessler’s Food Rehab.  My first baby step of planned eating was to eat at “scheduled” times.  Eat 3 meals a day at the 3 “normal” meal times.  Since my eating was always sporadic, I felt this would be a good first step.

I didn’t focus on exactly what it was that I ate or how much.  I tried letting those parts come intuitively for the first step.  My focus was on when rather than on what.

Well, it’s been about 2 weeks and I’m glad to say that for the past 13 days, I’ve eaten each of the 3 meals, each day.  13 days.  39 meals. And of course many snacks and almost always dessert too 🙂

Now that I have grasped the when, I want to begin addressing the what.  Obviously a lot more daunting.  And requiring more planning and thought on my part.  Which I still haven’t gotten to.  But I hope to remedy by the end of this weekend.

Today I had a large and delicious Korean lunch so I had a more modest and American dinner:

Potato chips on a sandwich always reminds me of summer lunches at my grandma’s house.  Potato chips on sandwiches- so necessary.  They count as a vegetable, right?

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