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a pause

I’ve stopped blogging for a bit.  Can’t really describe why.  Maybe the wave will hit again.  But, maybe not. But one thing’s for sure.  I’m home now.  And I’ve left this little love nugget behind.   Advertisements

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Make-shift stuffed peppers

I’m always drooling over recipes I find on blogs for stuffed peppers.  But they always require ground turkey or ground chicken as one of the main ingredients.  Both of which aren’t available in Korea, so I’ve always just wiped my drool and figured it would have to wait until I’m State-side again. However, last night

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me + library = ERROR

I am extraordinarily terrible at returning books.  DVDs too.  (I guess people don’t do this much nowadays, though).  But that was always why I loved Netflix.  I’m sad to hear that while I’ve been in Korea their company took a nosedive.  (Why did this happen????  I always thought Netflix was genius.)   Anyway, books and

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Hey Korea- Where are the dog parks?

Having a dog in Korea sucks when you have a dog that likes to exercise and run around, you know… like most dogs do. Why does it suck? Because there’s no place to take your dog. Near my house are several “mini parks.”  They’re not really parks.  More like several stretches of grass with sidewalks

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Korean Food Pt. 2

Tonight I had a really delicious and colorful dinner.  It’s nutritious and just a tad spicy.  It’s bori bap. (보리밥) This dish is similar to another favorite of mine, bibimbap.  The difference is in the rice.  Bori bap has a slightly fatter grain and it is more sticky than regular white rice.  The concept of

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Expat yoga

If you’re a foreigner living in Korea, with a short knowledge of the Korean language, and wondering if it’s possible to take yoga classes; it is!  I’m proof.  Embarrassingly enough, I’ve been here for 3 years and still haven’t grasped the language as I should have by now.  Most of my Korean vocabulary relates to

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4 Things (Yummy & Pretty)

  1.  Very delicious curries.  If you’re in Ilsan, go to Asia Asia 2.  Precious little shoes! 3.  Season’s cherry blossom. 4.  First experience with quinoa.

bread baker

As you would guess, Korea is big on rice but not so big on bread, like sandwich bread.  The size of Korea’s rice aisle is equivalent to the size of a typical US bread aisle.  I was always and still am amazed at how many kinds of rice there are and how much people buy

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Miracle Noodles

When I last purchased from iHerb, I bought 2 packs of Miracle Noodles. Miracle Noodles are a brand of shirataki noodles.  They have 0 calories.  0 fat.  0 protein.  <1g soluble fiber.  No soy, no gluten and no wheat! Basically nothing.   So what is it exactly?  The noodles are from Japan and are made

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