me + library = ERROR

I am extraordinarily terrible at returning books.  DVDs too.  (I guess people don’t do this much nowadays, though).  But that was always why I loved Netflix.  I’m sad to hear that while I’ve been in Korea their company took a nosedive.  (Why did this happen????  I always thought Netflix was genius.)  

Anyway, books and libraries.  It’s as if I’m physically incapable of returning to a library once I’ve already left with a borrowed book in hand.

Since living in Korea I got myself a library card.  Last year I borrowed 2 books.  Miraculously I managed to get my butt back to the library to return them…..

Over 6 months late (185 days or something).

The library, thank God, doesn’t charge late fees.  However, they put a hold on your account for the days equaling- Number of books borrowed x Number of days late.  In my case, this equation was something like:  2 books x 185 days = 370 days.  370 days banned from borrowing books.  Over a year!

Normally (If I were home) I’d much rather buy (used) books.  I like having my own copy, the ability to write in it, and dog-ear it all I want.  But since I’m in Korea, and trying to accumulate as little as possible, libraries are the way to go.  Anyway, I’ve got “around” the system by using my boyfriend’s account. Ha.

But I just got off skype with my friend (whom I used to live with at her parent’s home).  Apparently I rented a book from the public library while living there.

In 2005!

Her mom found the book recently and returned it the other day.

Over 7 years late.  MY GOD!

I’m really not looking forward to that late fee bill…..

I think I’d rather take a 7 year ban than pay those dollars.  *sigh*


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