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Korean Food Pt. 2

Tonight I had a really delicious and colorful dinner.  It’s nutritious and just a tad spicy.  It’s bori bap. (보리밥) This dish is similar to another favorite of mine, bibimbap.  The difference is in the rice.  Bori bap has a slightly fatter grain and it is more sticky than regular white rice.  The concept of

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Expat yoga

If you’re a foreigner living in Korea, with a short knowledge of the Korean language, and wondering if it’s possible to take yoga classes; it is!  I’m proof.  Embarrassingly enough, I’ve been here for 3 years and still haven’t grasped the language as I should have by now.  Most of my Korean vocabulary relates to

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Frozen Yogurt Love

Remember when the frozen yogurt craze first began?  Pinkberry made its mark in LA. They gained thousands of groupies, demand skyrocketed and thus caused the creation of many Pinkberry-wannabes.  Of those “wannabes” was the more notable, Red Mango.  For a while there was the debate of which was better- Pinkberry or Red Mango? However, what

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