Hey Korea- Where are the dog parks?

Having a dog in Korea sucks when you have a dog that likes to exercise and run around, you know… like most dogs do.

Why does it suck?

Because there’s no place to take your dog.

Near my house are several “mini parks.”  They’re not really parks.  More like several stretches of grass with sidewalks in between.  Because of it’s closeness, ideally this would be a nice place to take Nola to run around, play fetch etc.  This would all be possible if there weren’t “park police” who patrol the area and yell at me to get off the grass.  “No dogs on the grass!”  Really?  We can’t bring our dogs on the grass???  I understand they’re concerned with people who don’t pick up after their dog.  And this is understandable but, like me, I feel that most people do.

I also live near a large park, Lake Park, but even still there’s no place for dogs to run freely.  You must keep them on the leash and keep them on the walk ways.

I take Nola for frequent walks, but it’s always a fight to put her leash on.  And taking your dog for a walk and letting them run and play fetch are 2 completely different things.  I now understand why dog parks were ever created.  Dogs need and like to run around.  They need to exhaust that energy.

We can’t take dogs to the real parks, or the “mini parks.”  So, where are the dog parks here?!?    I know I can’t be the only dog owner feeling frustration with this.

Recently I started taking Nola to the roof of our apartment.  We walk up 4 flights of stairs and make it to the rooftop which is big and spacious.  It’s perfect for her to run around and it has a little grass area for her to do her business.

Well, this morning after we finished our roof time, we headed back to our floor.  She barrels down the stairs 10 x faster than I do, especially at 7 am.  When we made it to our floor I thought I heard the sound of someone in the hallway.  Of course Nola tornadoes past me, sees a man, and runs up towards him.  He freaked out.  Like freaked out scared.  Wouldn’t move.  I could tell he was startled or scared.  Then it was obvious he was mad.  Really mad.  I immediately apologized and ran to pick Nola up (which of course she then ran away).  He then proceeded to yell at me while I tried to get Nola, who now thought we were playing a game.  Still the man did not move, as if he was too afraid.  Still yelling at me.  Still I was trying to get Nola to get inside our home.

Eventually she came in.  Eventually the man walked away.  But then I got mad.  I don’t even know exactly what words he said, but I understood the gist of it and obviously how mad he was.  Originally I felt sorry that Nola had scared him and that’s why I apologized.  But as he continued to berate me for 5 minutes in that mean ajosshi way, I felt more like, seriously?  Chill the eff out!   Though people don’t necessarily know this, Nola won’t do anything to them.  If anything, she’ll run up to a stranger, most likely to check if they have food, and then run away.

Though I’m not sure, I’m almost positive that man said something to the front desk about “this incident.”  Now I won’t even be able to take her on the roof.

I dunno, maybe I’m being selfish and insensitive to people who don’t like dogs.  But mostly, I just don’t get people who don’t like dogs, especially puppies.


2 comments on “Hey Korea- Where are the dog parks?

  1. Dustin Cole
    June 28, 2013 at 8:47 am #

    Yeah it’s really hard finding a place to let my puppy run around. I usually take him to the Han these days, but once in a while someone will tell me I have to leash him. I usually just nod politely and walk away. But I really wish there were a legit dog park nearby where he can play with some other dogs.

  2. Dustin Cole
    June 28, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    Also… I feel you about people getting scared and angry. I have a golden and he’s pretty big, but he’s harmless. But people still FREAK OUT all the time. Strange.

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