Month: February 2012

My head is in control

But not in a good way.  I’ve been battling with migraine headaches since Paris Hilton ever became famous, but never to the extent that I have been recently.  It’s been a bi-daily occurrence and it is god awful.  Brain wrenching pain.  My head screams at me and I want to stab my eyeballs out and

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Back again.

A while back I wrote about how your footwear are good indicators of how active you are.  And how I my New Balances have been hidden beneath a pile of crap near my door. Well, today I finally renewed my membership for 3 more months, and for the first time in over 4 weeks, I was

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Small steps

Not too long ago I posted about the concept of planned eating as part of Kessler’s Food Rehab.  My first baby step of planned eating was to eat at “scheduled” times.  Eat 3 meals a day at the 3 “normal” meal times.  Since my eating was always sporadic, I felt this would be a good

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A post for my hair, in vane

Over a year ago on a boring Friday night I, stupidly, plugged my US waving iron into a Korean power socket, with no wattage converter, and waited for it to heat up.  “Tonight,” I thought, “I’ll play with my hair as if I were 8 years old again because I had nothing better to do.”

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Like mother, like daughter

Nola loves her doughnuts.  And just like me, when I was young, her favorite is strawberry frosted with sprinkles. It’s been 16 hours and it’s still in tact, surprisingly.

Why do I blog?

This is the 3rd blog I’ve had.  My 1st one, Sara in Korea, was started just before I moved to Korea.  My purpose was to let my friends and family know about my new life in another country.  It was a private blog and just my close friends and family could read it.  At this

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A post for Nola Pt.1

I want to write about the 15-lb meatloaf that lives with me. But since I have a lot to say, I want to break it down into several posts.  Starting from the beginning. Last July I randomly had the idea of getting a dog. Well, not so randomly, as I’ve always thought “one day…” but

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B&J goes Greek

I wrote a list of foods I miss here, which includes greek yogurt.  And today I found out that not only does the US have greek yogurt, they also have frozen greek yogurt by Ben & Jerrys!  Korea is missing out!  Definitely picking this up upon my return! I wonder if it has as much

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Uggs or New Balance

Of the many shoes I own, 1 pair are Ugg boots and 1 pair are New Balance sneakers. My Uggs are warm and easy.  I can wear them anywhere.  My New Balances (which are some running specific sneaker for over-pronators) are strictly used for when I’m exercising, particularly running. Why am I talking about these

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Timeout for a Thailand Tid-bit

A few days after I returned from my trip I spent a good chunk of time writing down my thoughts and experiences from each day.  I wrote about 30 pages.  I wanted to remember everything.  Even 20 years from now. However, I accidentally deleted it.  And then emptied my trash bin, unknowing that that particular

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