bread baker

As you would guess, Korea is big on rice but not so big on bread, like sandwich bread.  The size of Korea’s rice aisle is equivalent to the size of a typical US bread aisle.  I was always and still am amazed at how many kinds of rice there are and how much people buy of it.

As I’ve never been keen on rice that much, the rice variety doesn’t impress me and I sorely miss a large bread selection.  Of course you can buy sandwich bread here.  But it’s not the same.  At stores and bakeries you will generally find the same poor selection of breads named:  Milk Bread, Morning Toast Bread, Sandwich Bread, Corn bread and occasionally a brownish color bread (that isn’t whole wheat).  I have no idea what the exact difference is between them all, but at many stores they all carry the same name.

The bread I miss most is whole grain and whole wheat bread.  And another thing I noticed and don’t like about Korean bread is that they typically have a higher sugar and fat content that American breads.  I attribute this to how Koreans tend to view bread as more of a snack or treat rather than as a part of a main meal.

Anyway, I’ve found one bread I somewhat like at Paris Baguette.  In the past year or so they started making an Omega3 bread, which is the best thus far but still not whole grain.

So I decided to buy some whole wheat flour and try making my own.  I used this recipe for a whole wheat ciabatta.  But halved it and didn’t follow the instructions nearly as close as these instructions were intricate, time consuming and needing of things like pizza stones.  It was actually very easy to make but you have to have alot of time.  Stretching the dough every 15 minutes 6 times.  Over night refrigeration.  Almost 2 hours of proofing in the morning (I cut that down to 40 min.) And then about 40 minutes of bake time.  (This guy is an accomplished bread baker)  I’ve done bread maybe twice before so I wasn’t holding high hopes for the outcome.

This is his loaf. (shown on the recipe link)

And this is mine:

Haha!  Well I tried!  It looks somewhat similar and tasted okay.  We’ll see how it does for sandwiches.


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