Miracle Noodles

When I last purchased from iHerb, I bought 2 packs of Miracle Noodles.

Miracle Noodles are a brand of shirataki noodles.  They have 0 calories.  0 fat.  0 protein.  <1g soluble fiber.  No soy, no gluten and no wheat! Basically nothing.   So what is it exactly?  The noodles are from Japan and are made from an elephant yam.

I wanted to try them out so I bought both the fettucine and angel hair variety.  Originally I thought I would use them like regular pasta with red sauce.  However yesterday I had a craving for Pad Thai.  When I was buying the pad thai sauce I realized this would be a good dish to try using my Miracle noodles.  Turns out, I was so right!  My pad thai was sorta fake pad thai as I only used the sauce, an egg, bean sprouts, green onion and the noodles.

The noodles were the perfect consistency and texture for a dish like pad thai.  When I was eating this I realized these noodles should not be used like regular pasta, and if done so, you’d be very disappointed.  Your fettucinne alfredo made with Miracle noodles would be miraculously unsatisfying.

Rather, these noodles (in my humble opinion) should be used in all kinds of Asian noodle dishes.  Like thai noodle dishes, Asian style noodle soups, or even in stir fry.  The noodles do a good job of soaking up whatever flavor you’re cooking with.

I was really happy with my fake pad thai.  And really surprised how delicious it was and how you’d never know these noodles were basically nothing.  The texture of the noodles actually reminded me of Korea’s noodle 당면, dang myeon, which is made from sweet potatoes.

I think these noodles are hard to find (in Korea and the US) but I imagine you can find them at some Asian food stores.  And, of course, you can buy them very easily from iHerb.com.


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