Frozen Yogurt Love

Remember when the frozen yogurt craze first began?  Pinkberry made its mark in LA. They gained thousands of groupies, demand skyrocketed and thus caused the creation of many Pinkberry-wannabes.  Of those “wannabes” was the more notable, Red Mango.  For a while there was the debate of which was better- Pinkberry or Red Mango?

However, what most people don’t know is that it has been thought that Pinkberry was actually the copycat of Red Mango, even though Pinkberry was the first to open in LA.  Both founders of both companies are Korean.

The very first Red Mango store opened in Korea in 2003.

The very first Pinkberry store opened in LA in 2005.

The first Red Mango store in the US opened in LA in 2007.

See that?  Red Mango was first.  And, being that both founders are Korean, I think it wouldn’t be surprising if the founder of Pinkberry was influenced by the already successful Red Mango.  Anyway, I just thought it was interesting that Pinkberry wasn’t actually first.  And that they are both from Korea!

Interestingly enough, even though they are from Korea, the frozen yogurt craze hasn’t hit nearly as hard as it has in the US.  I came to Korea expecting many Pinkberrys, many Red Mangos and many just like them.  In the city I live in, just outside of Seoul, there was ONE Red Mango but it disappeared 2 years ago.  You’re able to find frozen yogurt and a few cafes here and there but there hasn’t been anything like Pinkberry (various flavors, choose your toppings etc.) on the scene.

However, in the recent year or so something similar opened in Hongdae.  Snow Spoon. (above) And even more recently another location opened here in Ilsan.  And another yogurt place opened called Yogurberry. (below)  I’m so happy!  This weekend I ate at both.  Yogurberry is better in that they offer fresh fruit options whereas Snow Spoon does not.  But Snow Spoon does have awesome neon spoons.

Oh and one other fun thing about Pinkberry is that one of my favorite actors, Larry David, actually made a shout out to Pinkberry and Korea in one of my favorite shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm, season 8.  Combo of two great things!

2 comments on “Frozen Yogurt Love

  1. Steven Webb
    April 16, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    Haha! I think there are about 20 different copycat places in LA! To think I thought it was a craze that started in LA!

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