An Ode to Macarons

Macarons are bites of heaven.  They are my most favorite confection, ever.

I’d like to think of them as the premier, luxury Oreo.

Trade those chocolate wafers out for 2 pillowy discs of meringue, and that white cream for the heaven that is: butter cream.  The meringue is slightly chewy on the inside and crispy and shiny on the outside.  The butter cream is rich, cool and literally melts on your tongue.  Oh my gosh, I love them so!

They are delicate, delicious and always so pretty.

If you haven’t tried one, you just must!

Macarons originated in France and shouldn’t be confused with a macaroon.  Macaroons are more commonly thought of, but not nearly as good.  (seen below)

The one bad thing about macarons is the price tag.  At most bakeries you’ll probably spend $2-3 per macaron.  It’s expensive but the treat is so worth it.

A year or so ago I heard that Trader Joes sold macarons.  Not only did they sell macarons but they sold macarons at an awesome price.  6 for $4.99!  Less than $1 each!  And I heard they held their own.  Of course since living in Korea, I sadly have no access to Trader Joes.  So, when I went home last I went to the closest store and frantically sought them out, tracing every single aisle, multiple times.

After 5 solid minutes of searching (with Les!), we asked an employee.  He told us, “Sorry we don’t have them.  They’re seasonal.”  Extremely disappointed, I barked at him, “It’s a cookie!  How can a cookie be seasonal?!”  I realized afterwards that  yes there are some seasonal cookies, like gingerbread, but whatever.   Anyway, long story short- I never got to try the amazing and cheap Trader Joe macarons.  However, I just found out that there back in stores now!  So, if you’re lucky enough to live near a TJ’s, buy them now.  (and mail them to me?) ; )

I hope they are still in stores by the time I get home and I also hope to stop by the somewhat newly opened renowned Laduree shop in Manhattan.  I’ll likely spend $100 and then sit in a cafe gorging myself.

One day I’d like to try making my own.  But the thought of my failed attempt puts me off.  I can’t imagine making these would be an easy endeavor.

And look at these adorable, (calorie-free) macarons.  I’d love to have these.  They would be great for packing Advil, or jewelry.

I’ve found them for sale online here, or here, or from Two’s Company.

If you live in Korea, macarons are a bit harder to come by.  But I have found them at Hyundai Dept Store in Ilsan (a shop in the food court- Sweety BLVD Macaron), at Snow Spoon, at Starbucks (which are actually pretty good), at Paris Croissant (Paris Baguette’s “upscale” counterpart) and at a random French bakery in Ilsan (which I sadly cannot remember the name).

Here are the ones from Korea’s Sweet BLVD Macaron:

And lastly, some more pictures of these lovely confections.

picture sources (1,2,)

One comment on “An Ode to Macarons

  1. Patrick Kelly
    June 8, 2012 at 11:08 pm #

    OMG these pictures are gorgeous! I miss walking through Paris admiring the pastry displays! Thanks!

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