TGIF and 36 days..

until my last day of school!  Then my 4 month vacation can begin!

My vacation begins with a 5 week trip home.  And after a lot of consideration, I’ve decided not to take Nola with me for several reasons.  She’d have to endure being crated for at least 18 hours.  In cargo.  And Korean Air won’t fly snub-nosed dogs if its over 75 degrees.  So there wouldn’t be a chance getting her back to Korea in June.

So I’ll be paying my monthly rent just for Nola, so she can stay at our home here in Korea.  My 18 lb meatloaf costs me a fortune.

When I asked her if she wanted to go on a trip to the States, she stared at me, puzzled and literally just froze.  I took that as a “no thanks.”

I saw this picture on Pinterest (its markings are so similar to Nola’s)…. it made me think of her and my upcoming travels.

photo via here

One day, though, Nola!

3 comments on “TGIF and 36 days..

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