3.5 week update

It’s been about 3 1/2 weeks since I started my new migraine-free regimen.  So far:

  • 126 needles, needled
  • 39 pouches of that “tea”/Chinese medicine, consumed
  • 10 hot yoga classes, embraced
  • 0 alcoholic beverages consumed and 0 fried foods eaten (as per Chinese tea instructs)


Previous weeks (before starting regimen):  3-5 awful migraines a week!

Week 1:  4 terrible migraines.  I even missed a day at work.

Week 2:  1 migraine.  I was also incredibly angry at the world that day, this may have contributed to the cause or was an effect.  But by the end of the week I was feeling really surprised and pleased that when I looked back on my planner, I only saw one angry-headache sticker.  (Korean diary stickers, I love you)

Week 3:  1 and 1/2 migraines.  1 was terrible and 1 was not as intense or long lasting, so I’m counting that as 1/2.

Also, when I first started seeing my Chinese medicine doctor, he ran a test in which the only results I understood were:  blue circle = bad.  Yesterday I did a follow-up test and my circle had changed colors!  It went from blue to (mostly) green.  Green = good.  I was truly surprised.

My doctor recommended that I continue acupuncture for 20 more days (twice a week) and also drink more Chinese tea in order to achieve full “green-ness.”  Yes, a part of me is skeptic.  What exactly has caused my migraines to decrease?  Is it the needles?  The tea?  Exercise?  Food?  Etc. Etc.?

Following my doctor’s recommendation, I would have to shell out $180 for the tea.  Knowing the price tag, I asked myself  “is it really the tea?”

I had no answer.

So, ultimately, shell out $180 I did and I now await my new shipment to come this Wednesday.

For now, my results are looking good so I’m just continuing what I’ve started.


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