Good Results & Yoga Poses

Week 2 update.  Another week of acupuncture, chinese “tea” and hot yoga has gone by.  Last week I had a total of 4 migraines.  This week I had just 2!  I’m afraid to jinx anything but… I’m so happy with the changes I’ve had in the past week.  50% decrease!

As for hot (bikram) yoga, which I’m truly enjoying, I thought I’d highlight some poses.

{Favorite Poses}

1.  Triangle pose–  This one just feels good.  Feels like my body is open and lengthening.

2.  Eagle pose  Though I can’t do this pose that well, there’s something about it I love.  And it’s one in which I find myself concentrating the most at.  I like the feeling of having my body in one straight-twisted line.

{Most Difficult Poses}

1.  Tree pose  The arms I can do.  The legs I can’t.  Balancing on one leg is extremely, extremely difficult for me.  I am constantly teetering from side to side for all but 1 mere second of the pose.  At the same time, my foot won’t stay at that height so it slaps against the floor many many times.  I am sure my wobbling body reflecting in the mirror pisses off every other person in class.

2.  Balancing Stick Pose  Again, one legged balance problem.

3.  Fixed firm pose   AKA Break My Legs pose.  This is the most difficult for me.  Just having my legs in that position kills me.  It feels like I have too much thighs to get in between both legs.  And then lean back?  Burning pain/numbness.  By the time the pose is over (and I swear it’s double the time) I’ve lost circulation in my legs.  I literally must peel each leg around and up, inch by inch, feeling every kink.  I truly dread this pose.

4.  Camel pose Both hands grasping your heels?  My back won’t bend like that.  I can get so far as to have my left hand on foot but have the most difficult time getting my right side to do the same.  One class, the instructor helped me get into this position and I thought I would be stuck in this position for forever.  Coming up from this pose is so, so difficult.

{What I’m Best At}

1.  Dead body pose–  I’ve mastered this pose!  Especially nice when the instructor dabs aroma oil behind your ears.

One comment on “Good Results & Yoga Poses

  1. kerryalina
    March 18, 2012 at 9:37 am #

    Savasana’s my best pose too 😉

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