What’s on my face

I’ve never been a cosmetic queen.  And there’s many days I go completely au naturale.  I very, very rarely experiment with different colors or products, and pretty much stick to the same few staples.  On the days I take the time to put on makeup, here’s what you’ll find in my favorite Tory Burch cosmetic case (a lovely Christmas gift from mom and dad):

{1}  MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, gel eyeliner.  It’s pretty much the only eyeliner I ever use.  It applies so effortlessly and precisely and lasts the entire day.  It retails for $15 in the States and it’s worth every penny.  I bought my current pot last summer (I think?) and there’s still a lot of product left.

{2}  MAC Precise Eyeliner Brush 210.  I really suck at make-up application, but somehow this brush makes me suck just a little bit less.  I used to think that brushes never made a difference.  Until I bought this brush.  I don’t know how it does it but it applies a perfect line nearly every time.  Again, definitely worth the price.

{3}  Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, No. 23.  BB Cream came from Asia.  It’s not a brand, it’s a type of product.  It’s not as thick as foundation can be; but it still covers great.  And, of course, since it’s from Asia it has spf 42.

{4}  NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, Dark brown/brown.  Even if I’m bare-faced I almost always use this.  Probably because my eyebrows are sparse and awful.  Personally, I think this makes the most difference out of anything in my cosmetic bag.

{5}  Clinique Blushing Blush Powder.  Having the brush/blush combo makes things a lot easier.  I love this soft golden pink color.

{6}  Too Faced Naked Eye Palette.  If I ever bother to bother with eye shadow I use this.  I never use fancy colors so this palette is perfect for some classic shades you can always use.

Oh, and some Cherry Chapstick brand chapstick.  Nothing is better than Chapstick brand.  And it reminds me of my childhood and my dad (no idea why).

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