Dinner, Sticker photo & a Movie

We met on the street, a short walk from the restaurant.

Him:  “You like nice… I haven’t seen you dress up in maybe 6 months.”  I punched his arm and retorted with a playful “shut up.”  We joked about how I practically live in the same awful purple sweat pants.  It’s true and now that I knew he recognized that, maybe it’s a little too true and I ought to retire them to goodwill.

Anyhow.  Dinner was Italian.  Black bread.  Interesting.

Pasta with Bolognese sauce.

And a white pizza with a lot of fungus.

And on our walk to the movies I suggested we stop by a “Sticker Photo” place (basically the Japanese take on photobooths)  because we both were “dressed up” tonight and I just happened to be wearing 2 lockets which were both in need of pictures.

I’ll have to dedicate an entire post to the “Sticker Photo” places here in Korea because they are so unique and awesome compared to anything I’ve ever seen in the States.  Granted, I do like the classic photo booth 1×4 strip, but they’re becoming way too common these days.

Here’s our silly photos.

After taking the picture you can “decorate” them with a whole bunch of asian artsy cutesy things, but we kept them plain tonight (for the lockets’ sake) except for one.  The camera automatically snaps the photos so fast so I usually end up with a bunch of meh photos.  But this one was my favorite.

There’s so many photo booths to choose from and this one, I swear, had built in photoshop.  Making us look Japanese anime.

We ended up watching This Means War.  I actually had no idea what it was about; but with very little English movies to watch in theater, I chose the one with Reese.  I was surprised about how funny I actually found it.  Funny romance.  Chick-flick but not really.  I think guys will like it too, at least definitely more than The Vow.

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