It Happens Every Year

Every. single. year. since living in Korea this has happened.

Last minute month changes.

In my previous bloglife I wrote about what changes occurred at work and what it would mean for my “plan.”  Well, now I can scratch that again.

Up until 2 days ago, come May 8, I would be unemployed and returning to the States for at least 4 months.  I’d thought to return to Korea but only if I had a job.  And since my feelings towards teaching have swayed, I was hoping to find a non-teaching job in Korea.  Which is 1 inch from impossible.  True to my self, I shoved the important things (like having a job) in the corner of mind, and thought “well, I’ll worry about this later.”  I’d save the dreaded job search until at least May (which would likely end up turning into July).  Minus points for being proactive.

BUT.  Then this happened.

On Wednesday a high school nearby called me and offered me a job to start in May, upon finishing my current contract.  Then, the next morning I came into work and the Principal offered me a new contract that would start in September.  Strange.  Within the matter of two days I went from no job to 2 jobs, and I didn’t even seek them out.  Being proactive is so overrated.

I had several choices and each of them had their own stipulations and complexities considering coworkers, apartments, vacations, money, flights, job requirements, nola, etc. etc.  Given that 1 school wanted my answer by Friday morning, I had to make my decision quickly.  And now that I’ve made a decision and mapped out my ever changing plan (yet again), it feels really good.

Ultimately, I chose to begin a new contract and stay with the same school I’m at now.  With this option, I don’t have to move from my current apt, and can have 4 months vacation in which I can vacation in the States for 5 weeks, soak up all my friends and family, return to Korea and study Korean at a university for 5 weeks and then just chill until September.

And, once again, another year in Korea.  (How many times have I said that?!)

Life really is what happens when you’re (not) making other plans.

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