Poked & Pinned

Acupuncture Update: Day 2.

After work, I was pinned 14 times.  Starting with points on my feet, ankles, hands, and working way up to my head, temples and behind the ears.  Before, I barely felt when the needles was inserted, but today I felt a few stings.  Not just like getting a shot sting, but a buzzing/vibrating sting.

I snapped a photo with my ghetto-instagram-less phone, in which you can just barely see the 2 needles jutting from the right side of my face.

The amount of time the needles are in is timed, I’d guess to say 20 minutes?  It’s really relaxing, and have found myself almost succumbing to slumber a few times.  This is probably due to the heated beds in which you rest on and the whole “zen like” feeling I’m parading my mind with.

One great thing about acupuncture in Korea is the price (I think).  Actually I’ve never looked into it at home before so I’m unfamiliar with US costs.  However, I assume it’s considerably more at home.  I pay less than $4 for each visit.  I’m supposed to go 3 x a week.  So $12 a week!  Not bad!  US readers– any idea what it costs at home???  I’m very curious!

As I said before in this post, along with my needles, is my expensive Chinese herbal  tea, which was delivered today, which I’ll post details about later.

2 comments on “Poked & Pinned

  1. Leslie
    March 6, 2012 at 2:10 am #

    Sar, I go to acupuncture once a week and pay $20 and that is cheap here in the US because I go to community acupuncture. It is usually $75-$100 at a regular acupuncturist.

    • makings of a better life
      March 6, 2012 at 7:02 am #

      Shut up!!!! Definitely won’t be able to afford this at home! It’s not usually covered under insurance??

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