5 Cool Things.

{1}  If I had a coffee table, this book would definitely be on it.  You can’t see inside the book on amazon, but look below for some excerpts of the cute and witty tally of two cities.  Paris vs. New York

And my personal favorite:

{2}  This is a truly great idea!  Albeit a bit pricey, it’s something I would definitely have made.  When and IF I have a child of my own, of course.

{3}  I think most people either love IKEA or hate IKEA.  Personally, I had always enjoyed going there, especially in college.  I remember the fun experience of walking through the lovely kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms etc and imagining having that one day.  But, as my tastes have changed, I imagine once I start a new nest of my own, there’s few items I would purchase from IKEA.  And I came across this great website/store, cutely (perhaps slightly pretentiously) named TINI, meaning This Is Not Ikea.  Really nice items.

{4}  And for all my fellow New Jersey people, this is the perfect addition for your kitchen.  (Other states included too)

{5}  Check out these awesome, and beautiful cinemagraphs from NYFW.  The food cinemagraphs are awesome as well.


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