Burger, Chicken, Pizza

Friday night dinner was McDonalds (#1 vice).  Saturday night dinner was fried chicken and beer.  Sunday evening- rainy, lazy and very, very close to making the call to Dominos (#2 vice).

Pizza was on my mind, but because the past 2 evenings’ dinners were not the healthiest of choices, I put down my phone, and got in the kitchen.  Made some dough.  Homemade pizza is way healthier than Dominos, I reasoned.

I made dough using this recipe.  Not the best, and will use another recipe next time.  And topped my pizza with spicy arrabiata sauce, mozzarella, sauteed onions, peppers, zucchini, and spinach.  Lots of vegetables!


And since Nola’s pity face was extra pitiful and cute, I made her a pizza too.  That mini thing sitting in the corner of the pan.

Impatiently waiting for my pizza to cook, I got curious about just how much the difference was between what’s in my oven and what comes in a box.  I never looked at Dominos nutrition facts until then.  The main thing I was curious about was the crust.  Wow!  I had to triple-read and triple-calculate the facts because I was too blown away.  On average (varied crusts and varied pizza sizes) each pizza CRUST has 40 grams of fat.  F.O.R.T.Y.  Just the crust.  40!  Amazing.  I love you Dominos but that’s just crazy.

Since the only ingredients used in my crust were:  flour, water, yeast, salt and 1 T of olive oil to brush the bowl it rises in, I’m guessing the fat content in my crust was tremendously less.  1 gold star for me.

Pizza post cook:

Plus, I remembered I had an extra little tub of Dominos magical garlic dipping sauce hidden in my pantry.  I definitely put that to use.  Hey, I saved calories on the crust, right?

2 comments on “Burger, Chicken, Pizza

  1. Nikki
    March 10, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    Try this dough recipe. I love it and I add some herbs to the dough too http://allrecipes.com/recipe/jays-signature-pizza-crust/

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