My head is in control

But not in a good way.  I’ve been battling with migraine headaches since Paris Hilton ever became famous, but never to the extent that I have been recently.  It’s been a bi-daily occurrence and it is god awful.  Brain wrenching pain.  My head screams at me and I want to stab my eyeballs out and release all the pressure.  I say my head is in control because the pain is so frequent and so great that it controls what I am physically, mentally and emotionally able to do.

2 days ago I wanted to just give up.  I ended up taking yet another trip to my doctor in the hands of my loving boyfriend (what would I do without him?)  For the past many months he had been giving me this god awful cocktail of pills to take to treat my migraines.  I say god awful because when I have to take this one packet sometimes twice a day, I’m shoving more pills down my throat than a 90 year old.  See that?  That’s 7 pills.  7 x 2 = 14.  14 pills. Seriously?!

This time the doctor gave me a prescription for a migraine preventing medicine.  Sibelium?  This may, in fact, be helpful but I had such a hard time wrapping my mind around putting even MORE pills in my body that I just couldn’t do it.  I also did the mistake of googling Sibelium and was delighted to find out that the most common side effects were all-day drowsiness (I have chronic fatigue as it is) and weight gain.  Awesome!  Last night, again, I didn’t take the medicine.

Today when my unwelcomed migraine friend visited again, I felt like it was something no longer in my control.  That I was just gonna have to deal with it forever.  I reluctantly took the medicine given to me to alleviate the pain but to no avail.

I’m sick of shoving pills down my throat and I’m sick of my head controlling my life.

Tomorrow I will start acupuncture.  Here’s to hoping that a few needles will let me regain the control I need.


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