Back again.

A while back I wrote about how your footwear are good indicators of how active you are.  And how I my New Balances have been hidden beneath a pile of crap near my door.

Well, today I finally renewed my membership for 3 more months, and for the first time in over 4 weeks, I was wearing my New Balances again.  Though, considering all I did today was power walk for 35 minutes, I suppose I could’ve been wearing my Uggs afterall.

I tried jogging for a few minutes but my muscles screamed at me; I obeyed, and returned to walking.  I spent the rest of my time stretching and realizing all over again how awfully inflexible I am, and then retreated to the sauna and flipped through a magazine.

I can’t say I’m thrilled with the “workout” I had.  But, I did at least start.  And starting is THE hardest part.

On a random note:  Since it’s been “spring vacation” at school, I’ve gladly welcomed the extra nap time during the day.  And Nola likes it too.  Her favorite place to be is on my bed.  And when she’s not tearing apart her toys, she’s sleeping under the blankets.  I lifted the blanket yesterday and found this “please do not disturb” face:

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