Why do I blog?

This is the 3rd blog I’ve had.  My 1st one, Sara in Korea, was started just before I moved to Korea.  My purpose was to let my friends and family know about my new life in another country.  It was a private blog and just my close friends and family could read it.  At this time, I didn’t even know a blog world existed.

My 2nd blog, Being Sara Webb, was essentially just a continuation of Sara in Korea except I made the switch to tumblr and made it public.  Around this time is when I found the incredible and vast amount of blogs on the internet.  Blogs of fashion, food, healthy living, interiors, lifestyle etc.  I was immediately drawn in.  Each blog led me to another blog.  I read and read, bookmarking all these great finds.  When I found these great blogs I also realized how not-great my blog was.  These were official blogs, with thousands of visits a day.  Bloggers had their own community.  Many of these bloggers had even made blogging their full-time job.  I was amazed.

My blog had 12 visits a month.  Maybe.

Eventually I stopped blogging.  In the back of my mind I felt that my blog was so insignificant and pointless.  Maybe I felt I would never have as many readers or ever be as important as theirs.  So, I just stopped.  I know there were other reasons but I know this thought was always leering in my mind.

In January of this year, something changed and I wanted to blog again.  Except this time it would be a little different.  It would still consist of my general ramblings but it would also focus on the changes I need to make so I can make a better life.  Help me work toward my goals.  Part of me thought that writing it on the internet would make me more accountable.  And also, a big part of me just missed writing.

So in February I birthed this blog, Makings of a Better Life.  I wanted it to have more of a public feel.  And even though I knew my only readers would probably be my boyfriend and 2 of my close friends, I still wanted to write for “the public.”  For anyone who happened to stumble upon my humble little blog.

WordPress allows for much more capabilities than tumblr.  Your dashboard is filled with information and options etc.  It’s overwhelming at first.  One thing that always shows on your dashboard is your “Stats.”  There’s an actual bar chart showing how many visitors you had on any given day and even what posts people read.  No, it doesn’t give names, don’t worry 😉  Anyway, my point is how that constantly appearing chart makes you constantly aware of how frequented your blog is whether you want to or not.

I read many blogs.  These blogs have thousands of followers.  Like double-digit thousands.  When I see those numbers I can’t help but to compare it to my own number.  25,670 to 3.   Yes, currently I have 3 ‘followers.’  And I know one of them is my boyfriend.

So, I’ve asked myself 2 questions:

1:  Why are these blogs so wildly popular?

2:  Why are you blogging if no one is reading?

I thought of answers.  These other beautiful blogs are just that- beautiful.  They show glimpses of their lives in really fabulous and beautiful ways.  With amazing photography and beautiful things.  Readers can view the latest post and subconsiously think “I want that.” “I want that lifestyle.”  Food, fashion and lifestyles have never looked so glamourous.

After coming to the answer of my own question, I realized I am or have none of those things.  I’m not an expert in health and fitness, I’m not wearing designer labels, I’m not making ridiculously pretty food, and I’m only armed with a little Canon Powershot.  Knowing all of this discouraged me.  So I asked myself, “why are you still blogging?”

Here is my answer:  I’m not blogging to become well-known.  I’m not blogging for the numbers.  I’m not blogging because I think  I’m self-important, that my life is so magnificent that I need to share it with the world.  (Surely it’s not.)

I’m blogging because it has become one of my hobbies.  When people are watching TV, I’m reading blogs.  I’m blogging because I enjoy writing.  Why don’t I just write in a diary?  Because in some small and modest way, writing in a blog makes me feel like the tiniest bit of an author, and that makes me happy.  And I’m blogging because I think it makes me a better person.  I realized these were the reasons I began this blog in the first place.  And even if I have no readers, I’ll still write as if someone is reading.  Because I just enjoy it.  

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