A post for Nola Pt.1

I want to write about the 15-lb meatloaf that lives with me.

But since I have a lot to say, I want to break it down into several posts.  Starting from the beginning.

Last July I randomly had the idea of getting a dog.

Well, not so randomly, as I’ve always thought “one day…” but randomly enough that, “lets make that day– now.”  I expressed this idea to my parents one day over skype.  Their reaction was a buzz-killing “no, don’t.”  Yes, I’m young(ish).  Yes, I haven’t “settled down.”  And Yes, I’m living in another country etc.   But I didn’t care.  I wanted my own dog.  Now.

A few weeks later I again skyped with my parents.  But this time it wasn’t just me.  I had this 4 legged creature sitting beside me; and when I held that 4-legged creature up in front of the camera, mom and dad’s faces were surprised yet smiling.  My dad said laughingly, “You weren’t gonna listen to us anyhow.”  Nope.  Not this time at least 🙂

City life (for an un-established twenty something year old) means small apartments.  Small apartments means small dogs.  I’ve never been especially fond of toy breeds.  But if I wanted a dog now, I needed a dog that would fit in my current studio apartment.  So I researched small breed dogs.  I honestly had a difficult time finding one breed I loved.  (Labradors had always stole my heart.)

But when I came upon French Bulldogs, I thought “hmm..”  I kept returning to that one page.  And after research and google image-ing French Bulldogs 10 thousand times, I decided that that was the breed I wanted.  And when I read that French Bulldogs don’t take heat well and needed AC in the summer, I knew we were a perfect match.  Now I just had to find the one.

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