Uggs or New Balance

Of the many shoes I own, 1 pair are Ugg boots and 1 pair are New Balance sneakers.

My Uggs are warm and easy.  I can wear them anywhere.  My New Balances (which are some running specific sneaker for over-pronators) are strictly used for when I’m exercising, particularly running.

Why am I talking about these shoes?  Because I’ve realized that every day, since returning from vacation, I’ve been snuggling my feet into my Uggs.  But the New Balances?  Haven’t even brought them out of the closet.  Basically- Uggs: inactive.  New Balance: active.  Your footwear are good indicators of what you’re doing.

Before my vacation, I had successfully integrated exercise back in to my daily life.  I was gym hopping at least 4 days a week after work.  Yes, the thought of being in a bathing suit in the following weeks was definitely a motivator.  I was happy to be seeing progress with my running stamina.  But now, after returning from bliss, my motivation is gone.

We all know that just starting a new routine is the hardest part.  Then, after a week or so, it’s not so bad.  But I still just can’t get myself to start.  I blame it partially on the weather.  The thought of going outside and battling the freezing winds puts my thought for exercise at an immediate halt.  And since I’m living in a city, I’m not hopping in and out of a car with a 10 second dash to the indoors.  I’m bundling up, freezing my face off and walking there.  Fact is:  I’m lazy and I hate being cold.

Jokingly (maybe) I feel like this:

Anyway and more seriously, I want to make a change.  I want to put my sneakers back on and give my Uggs some rest.  So, I’ve been very slowly building up my motivation.

Ultimately I know exercise will improve how I look, act and feel so I’m hoping I can finally just start.  I found these motivating quotes:


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