Valentine Cards

With Valentines Day approaching… why not give your Valentine not just 1 card, but 52!  Yes, 52 cards in a playing deck means 52 valentines day cards!  (Unless you don’t write something on them and then they’re just considered boring playing cards.)

Not sure how guys and girls relate to this.  But I’m 99.9% positive a girl would rather receive a deck of these cards than the left over Hallmark card.  Boys, well I’m not sure.  Perhaps they would feel a card is a card no matter what.  Or they would be touched by these cards.  I’m not a boy so I couldn’t guess well.

So if your a boy, instead of buying a card, how about giving your Valentine a literal card, and 52 of them total!  Better.  Creative.  More thoughtful.  More love.

I found a unique deck of cards and scuffed them up to look more worn in.  Personally I just liked that look better.  Hmm… and by now I know you all are thinking….


One comment on “Valentine Cards

  1. Anonymous
    February 17, 2012 at 7:58 am #

    love the idea!

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