Foods I wish Korea had

I love Korean food.  But I never make it, so I don’t buy food to prepare it.  And I since I’m technically American, I naturally crave “American” foods.  So when I’m at the grocery store I’m mostly trying to buy all the same things I would be buying back in the States.  Except a lot of things aren’t possible.  Or in some cases, it’s possible to buy but incredibly difficult, usually requires a trip to Seoul and always expensive.

Here’s a list of foods I wish Korean grocery stores had easily available:

  1. Greek yogurt- I’ve contacted Chobani about this twice
  2. Hummus- preferably Sabra brand
  3. Whole wheat bread (and other bready things like english muffins, sandwich thins, buns, bagels)
  4. Ground turkey (ah, turkey burgers!)
  5. Ground chicken
  6. Arugula- weird but I strangely crave this
  7. Nut butters- the only option is one sad brand of peanut butter
  8. Cottage cheese- and just cheese in general
  9. Light mayo- of course Hellmans
  10. Smartfood
  11. Luna bars (or just granola bars in general)
  12. Barq’s root beer!
  13. Almond milk
  14. La Croix sparkling coconut water – I could drink a 6-pack a day.

Hmm… one maybe one day…


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