Today was graduation day at my school.  The 3rd year students were sent off and en route to high school.  Today had me thinking of endings and I couldn’t help but whine to myself, ” is it my graduation day yet?”  And by “graduation day” I mean the day I get to book it out of this school too.

The students were all excited and happy.  I’d never seen everyone smiling like this.  Most of the time their face reads sleepy, crazy, apathetic or clueless.  But today they were joyful.  And as I walked around the crowded halls of parents and students, happiness was contagious.  Everyone was taking pictures, exchanging flowers, passing around yearbooks etc.

I managed to snap a few photos in between all the photos being taken of me.  (Ha, yes, humility omitted)  I felt like Mickey Mouse posing around Disney World.  So many students cried out to me as I passed by, “Teacher!  Picture with me!”  Then I felt all special and sparkly while their parents snapped a pic.  It’s amazing what flattery can do , because even with the kids whom I despised, when asked to have their picture with me, suddenly I felt, what a sweetheart.

I have been with these kids from when they first entered this school.  So as their teacher of 3 years I feel like I should be saying how sad I am to see them go.  Or how I can’t believe I won’t see them again.  But, I don’t really feel those things.  Even after playing Mickey Mouse.  Sadly, I feel like I’ve disconnected myself with the school and the students a couple months ago.  Or I just have a cold heart.

Maybe I’m just tired of this same school.  Or maybe I’m tired of teaching.  Maybe I’m tired of working with people I can’t intimately communicate with.  Maybe its 1, 2, or all 3. Whatever reason it is, I cannot, cannot wait for my graduation day, which is May 8th!

Perhaps today I was subconsciously jealous of the graduating students for not only leaving this school, but also going to high school.  I really loved high school.  Life was breezy.  However, I know attending high school in Korea is nothing like attending high school in the States.  And for that reason, I thank God I was adopted.

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