To thailand and back

Last weekend I returned to Korea after a 9 day trip to Thailand, with my boyfriend.  It was my first time really traveling around a foreign country, excluding Korea of course.  It was also the first time I would spend 216 solid consecutive hours with my boyfriend.  It was a really great trip and I have so much I could say about the country, the culture, its people and its food, so I’ll most likely just add in random “Thailand things” into future blog posts.

But in the meantime, here are some of the wonderful things we did.

Ate a delicious exotic fruit, mangosteens.

Visited beautiful Buddhist temples.

Relaxed and sipped plenty of beers and margaritas.

Rode an Elephant.

Saw a gorgeous waterfall.

Took typical tourist pictures.

Swam in our awesome direct pool access hotel room.

And visited the most beautiful beaches.

I can’t wait to share more words and pictures.  The 3 days following my return, I sat down and recounted the entire trip on paper. (err…on Word)  It came to 26 pages.  Don’t worry, I would never make you read all of that.


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